Troop 542
 Order of the Arrow
the following content is about the order of the arrow. this is basic information of the order. becoming a member is a great honor.

The Order of the Arrow (OA) is Boy Scouting's Honor Society. Both scouts and scouters (adult leaders) may join. The purpose of the Order is to promote camping and cheerful service.

The OA has its own oath, called the "Obligation," its own theme song, and its own "secret" handshake.

There are three ranks in the Order:

  1. Ordeal
  2. Brotherhood
  3. Vigil

Requirements for New (Ordeal) Members

In order for a boy to join the Order of the Arrow, the following requirements must be met:

  1. hold at least the First Class rank;
  2. have 15 days and nights of camping;
  3. attend one of the Lodge's "Fellowships," held twice per year;
  4. be elected at a troop meeting by a two-thirds majority of scouts present.

Campaigning is not allowed, and voting is held by secret ballot. This allows scouts to decide if a boy is truly worthy of the Order of the Arrow.